Inner city public schools as a group provide poor outcomes for their students and on the whole never seem to get better.  Generations of students have been left behind when it comes to succeeding in life.  Sure, someone with a crappy eduction could possibly end up in a good career, but a bad education hurts their chances.  City schools have been run for decades almost exclusively by liberals (Democrat politicians and teachers unions).  The terrible education outcomes  of these schools is what liberals made them to be.  Damn the consequences of generations of kids who come out of these schools.  Knowing what we know now about innner city educational outcomes, if we could start with a blank slate and do it all over again, would we do it the same exact way?  Of course not!  On the whole teachers unions don’t seem to help, so out they go along with tenure and teachers who don’t care anymore.  Give principals power to do what they are supposed to do and hold them accountable based on performance.  What should a principal have the power to do? Among other things, recruit the best teachers possible and pay what it takes to get them, reward the best with merit increases (within a budget, like every other company dles), and fire the worst.

I don’t understand how Democrats escape widespread negative judgment for their role in this mess.  Minorities are a big Democrat constituency, so you would think the establishment would actually, you know, try to help.  Further, many families in inner cities are desperately poor and naturally fall into the ‘little guy’category that liberals say they want to help.  I don’t get it.  I heard Stephen A Smith from ESPN tell an audience he was speaking to that one day he hopes all black people would vote Republican all at the same time; to let their Democrat leadership know they will no longer be taken advantage of.  If the inner city public school system had been run exclusively by conservatives all along, it would have been dismantled a long, long time ago.