Colin Kaepernick is definitely still skilled enough to be playing in playing quarterback in the NFL.  So, why isn’t he getting a second chance?  Many people are upset about this and complain that if he doesn’t get a roster spot somewhere, then the only reason is (wait for it) …. racism!

Before we go leaping headfirst into the racism claim, does anyone ever talk about the pig socks?  All you hear about is Colin taking a stand (ha, ha) by kneeling during the national anthem.  Even though many others are now disrespecting the flag (and feeling some heat; although not as much as Kaepernick), Colin was at the tip of the spear on this one and has taken the brunt of the criticism.  That’s what you get when you volunteer to go first.  But I think it is absurd that a team would use that as an excuse not to bring him in to play quarterback.  Theoretically, he could explain his way out of that one, say he has made his point and is moving on, and would be at least tolerated by fans (if he played well).  A lot of people might buy that.

But there is no way to dance around the pig socks.  There is no nuance that makes cartoon character pig socks sound OK.  Reasonable people can and do admit that racism still exists in America, and that there are a number of ways to bring it into a national discussion, some better than others.  But those socks say nothing but ‘cops are pigs’.  In my opinion, it is the message behind the socks that is keeping Kaepernick from being hired for another quarterback job.