About Me

Who am I?

I’m a regular guy living in the mid-atlantic area.  I lean right on a lot of issues, but not all the way.  Not a big fan of people at either extreme; I find just enough nuance to make me stop and think, at least sometimes.  Hope you are like that too.

Sadly, I am white, straight, and upper middle class; with all the privileges that come bundled with that.  These days you must add ‘sadly’ to that sentence or I guess you are a Nazi.  I’m also a skeptic and an atheist who started down those roads many years ago when I read Michael Shermer’s first book ‘Why People Believe Weird Things’.  Don’t read that book unless you want go down a slippery slope from which there is no going back.

Some things I like:

I like Drudge Report (shame on me!), Glenn Reynolds (instapundit.com), Megan McArdle (Bloomberg View), Virginia Postrel (also Bloomberg View), Mindingthecampus.com, thecollegefix.com, Sam Harris, the reason.com Hit & Run blog, Ethan Siegel (Starts with a Bang!), Zero Hedge, Ashe Schow (the Federalist.com), neoneocon.com, and a couple of North Korea news sites (nknews.org and 38north.org).

Some things I don’t like:

The religious right, social justice warriors, Fox News (especially Sean Hannity), conspiracy theorists, intolerance, spiders, snakes, tomato soup.

Welcome to my blog!